Let’s celebrate Tanabata Festival at Mt.TAKAO!

Thank you very much for seeing staff Blog♪
Every year, annual it became a Star Festival by Mount Takao! ☆ san.
I also constructed the Star Festival ornamental special booth in Kiyotaki Station this year.

※ The state of last year

How many strip of papers will be written this year?
I’m preparing four privileges at Takao-san.

★ A privilege, its 1

You burn at kou Oyama Yakuo-in of headquarters after July 8 like last year, and giving is scheduled. So that I may receive the heaven high rake wish as well as the flame by which everybody’s wish kindles.

※ A picture in the past.


★ A privilege, its 2

I would like to ask a customer from foreign countries to participate newly this year, too, and the instructions which choose “the history of the Star Festival” and “the manner of the strip of paper ornament” as English were made. Please participate in a Japanese traditional event this chance!

★ A privilege, its 3

In purpose of everybody of the Mount Takao fan living in a distant place and everybody who doesn’t have the schedule which comes to Takao-san by a Star Festival!

I’ll also handle “remote strip of paper” this year. A station employee gives his whole mind, and I’ll write the wish I received.


★ A privilege, its 4

The cable car is changed to the Star Festival specification.

♪ by which a head mark is “Hikoboshi number” and “Orihime number”

Everybody coming to the Mount Takao during a period

Please drop in at the Star Festival booth by all means.